Keep participants informed – Streamline event management  

MConference improves communication with the participants, streamlines event management and becomes the added value of the event.

Share information about the event

Outline the subject matter of the event, show the venue and time, present speakers, agenda, sponsors and partners. Add important information on registration, accommodation, transportation.  

MConference includes functions which allow to present all details concerning your event. The conference participant has a quick and easy access to up-to-date information. If the agenda changes, any modifications will be visible in the application and on the website. You may also send notification to the users about the change. Some information may be targeted to the selected groups of the users e.g. agenda, information on transportation, accommodation or contact persons.

Implement interaction

Give possibility to ask questions to the speakers/participants, chat, add posts on wall. Engage and motivate participants to achieve their goals through applying game mechanics and game design techniques.  

Events where participants interact with the speakers and organizer are much more interesting. We took part in such events and it was an amazing experience.

An interesting form of implementing such interaction is asking questions to the participants by the speaker. Participants receive notification in the application about the new question, answer the question, and the distribution of answers is displayed on the projector screen in the form of a graph.

Another example: the participants ask questions which are displayed on the projector screen during a discussion panel or a lecture. The speakers respond to the questions, and the organizer doesn’t have to run around with the microphone.    

The Wall is more and more often used during the events. Why? It incredibly activates the participants. With every conference we observe the increased use of this function. The participants get to know each other before the event, arrange transportation, before party etc. In addition, the organizer and sponsors may use the Wall to post the latest news, invitations or important information on events, contest, etc.         

Gamification is an interesting way of activating the participants by applying game mechanics and game design techniques. Such activities may be combined with promoting sponsors or activating corporation employees.

Collect feedback

Find out how the participants rate the event organization and the individual lectures. Every lecture may be rated in 1-5 scale and commented. You will also discover which speakers were really good, which topics were the most interesting and will be worth bringing up during the future editions.   

Function Feedback with push notifications gives the participants opportunity of reporting irregularities (e.g. air-conditioning is not working) or rating the event organization.     

Bring in networking

Networking opportunity via chat and arranging meetings is the added value of your event. Most participants, apart from taking part in lectures/sessions or workshops want to build business relationships. Chat and arranging meetings functions are perfect for this. The user may search any person by entering name, job position, company, etc. and start the chat or simply arrange a meeting.   

Keep the participants informed

Notifications PushNotifications and the latest news will let you keep the participant informed about any important changes or events. You may send notifications to all or a group of participants. 

Lower the costs of the event organization

Our ready-to-use solution means lower costs of preparing a web page and application, sales and communication.

Design element

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