We'll be your right-hand man in logistics during the event. This will guarantee that nothing will stand in the way of the event's well-deserved success. Our specialists can work remotely or on-site if needed. At any time, we are ready to answer any questions you may have and to react immediately.

As part of the event organizer's support we offer, among others:

  • professional and multifunctional Check-in app that will speed up the service of invited guests to the maximum,
  • a dedicated remote support supervisor for the time of the event,
  • technical assistance on site,
  • entering and updating the content in the administration panel of the mobile application and website on an ongoing basis,
  • constant access to key information and notifications.

The Event Managers have at their disposal a Check-in application with a code scanner (QR, barcode). What are the benefits? How does it work?

Check-in app

  • enables efficient verification of arriving participants manually (it is enough for the participant to provide their name or registration ID) or by means of a code scanner,
  • generates an automatic report on the number of guests present,
  • allows you to discreetly check the status of each person and determine whether, for example, as a VIP, he needs special care,
  • gives the possibility of adding comments to the list of people who can perform a specific action during or after the event, e.g. to issue an invoice.

All this is possible thanks to the fact that the mobile application contains a CODE SCANNER (QR, barcode), which:

  • first of all, it is used for express check-in of an event participant at the reception desk,
  • and secondly, it also applies to the ongoing service of participants during the event.

An example?
The participant wants to rent equipment, e.g. for translations. So he has to contact the organizer, who is able to document the action using the mobile application. All he has to do is select the appropriate item in the menu, scan the participant's code and can safely issue the necessary accessories. This is possible thanks to the fact that before the event our specialists define in the administration panel of the mobile application proposals of actions that may happen.
Modern technology shortens the time of service for a single participant as much as possible. This increases the quality of the service provided, and ultimately influences the positive assessment of the event itself.


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