Support for the organizer

Apart from different informational functions, implementing interaction and networking, MConference also offers support for the event organizer. Currently, we are preparing check-in module and QR code scanner.  


We assume the typical scenario: the attendee appears at the event, gives their name or registration ID (received by the text message or email) or QR Code (received by email or displayed in the application). The receptionist scans the QR Code with our application or enters in the admin panel the first letters of the attendee’s name or registration ID. The system displays matching results. The receptionist chooses the right person (a window with details of the attendee appears) and checkmarks (may also add some notes).    

QR Code scanner

We define many actions in the admin panel e.g. issue of equipment for simultaneous interpreting and removal of such equipment. During the event, the participant wants to rent such equipment and approaches the organizer. The organizer chooses action: ‘issuing equipment (…)’, scans the attendee’s QR Code (from their badge or application). At this point in our system we record information that at a certain time a given participant has rented the equipment. We can define any actions and use this mechanism during an event.