We improve communication and organizational processes by means of new technologies, so that companies, institutions and organizations can achieve the goals they set themselves. We have a huge experience in digital solutions. We specialize in creating websites and mobile applications. We are open to the needs and ideas of customers thus we not only add new features to tools that already exist, but we can design and develop completely unique functions from scratch.   

And here are some of the projects we have developed:

EyeHealth Advisor website

For our client, Johnson & Johnson, we have prepared an individual website design with the possibility to watch live streaming. The website had to meet the high security requirements of the corporate security department.

Xelion Congresss website

We have created a dedicated website for the Xelion Brokerage House. The site contained information about the organized event and the registration form. We placed it on the client's server and adjusted it graphically to the Xelion.pl corporate website in order to maintain visual consistency.

Co-worker evaluation function for GSK

For GSK we have prepared a dedicated function in the mobile application to evaluate colleagues during training. We designed it strictly for a specific type of workshops carried out by the training department.

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