Every event organizer, regardless of the industry, cares about the positive feedback and participants’ satisfaction. The mystery of a perfectly prepared and carried out event is simple. Listen, draw conclusions and implement the most effective practice. How to do that?  It's known to the people responsible for organization of the biggest meeting of HR professionals - Kongres Kadry.

Everyone who had a chance to organize such an event as a training or a conference knows that this is a real challenge and requires a lot of work and commitment of competent people. What if we tell you that you can reduce costs, improve preparation, save time and achieve success without human factor?

Our digital solution, the mobile application and the event management system, will help you out at the early stages of the event organization. How? See below for more details.

Welcoming guests to an event, registering, listing and making notes has never been easier!  From the organizer's perspective, the Check-in application is an absolute "must have" for any type of event. Why? You are a few clicks away from being able to control the list of participants in your event from anywhere, anytime. And that's not all!

We start with a new cycle of publications on the blog! And all this so that you can verify the usefulness of the functions of our MConference event management system on specific examples.

We will be focusing on case studies and analyzing event solutions for companies that turned to us with a request for support in the organization of the event, the process of cooperation and its effects. See by yourself how our event management system can make your life easier.