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MConference is a mobile tool supporting the organization of a conference.
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MConference mobile application

MConference is a mobile application for smartphones to communicate with the conference participants.

Mobile application

The multilanguage mobile application for Android and iOS based smartphones.


Responsive website

The responsive website containing information consistent with the content of the mobile application.



The Content Management System for the mobile application and website.


Admin app

The mobile application for the administrator to manage data quickly


Why is it worth? Keep the users informed on an ongoing basis — Improve the organization of the event

MConference improves communication with the participants, helps with the organization of the event.

Keep the participants informed on an ongoing basis

Keep the participants updated about any changes, news, interesting events.

Establish interaction

Give the participants possibility to rate the lectures, ask questions to the speakers and talk via chat.

Measure and analyze

Thanks to the statistics and lectures rating you may improve the future events and sales.

Collect contacts

Every registered participant is a direct contact as a potential client for you or your partners.

Let people talk about it

Tools for sharing information through the social media will help you to promote the event.

Reduce organization costs

Our ready solution means the lower costs of preparing a website and mobile application, sales and communication.

Presentation Modern UI

Information about the conference
Event app

Features Inform on an ongoing basis

Keep the participants updated about everything connected with the event e.g. new partners, speakers, changes in the agenda etc.

Information about the event, agenda, speakers, partners

Present the subject matter of the conference, date, localization, directions, nearby hotels. Present the speakers and agenda. Boast of the partners.
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News, push notifications, photo report

News allows to transfer broader information about the conference, preparations, cooperation with partners, subject matter. PushNotifications are useful in situations when the agenda changes or any other sudden and urgent changes appear.
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Features Establish interaction

Give the participants possibility to rate the lectures, ask questions to the speakers, send feedback regarding the organization of the event which will make the future events even better organized.

Rating the lecture and feedback regarding the organization

Every participant has the possibility to rate the lecture. It will help the organizer and speakers introduce appropriate changes to the future appearances. Feedback regarding the organization will show you what should be improved in the future.
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Users may communicate over the chat, search the potential clients through the participants search tool, arrange meeting.
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The organizer may prepare surveys concerning the organization of the event, the subject matter for the event, etc. In addition, the speakers may prepare surveys and ask a question to the participants during their lecture and then display the chart illustrating the answers on the projector screen.
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Information about the conference
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