Gamification enables to engage and motivate participants to achieve their goals through applying game mechanics and game design techniques. Every interaction in our application allows the participant to gain points. The ranking of users determines the best ones, and scores may serve as reward e.g. the prize founded by the main sponsor of the event. With time, we will be expanding this module with new functionalities such as tasks, levels, etc.

Examples of using gamification during the event

In every case, gamification aims to activate the participants for a specific purpose. It may be encouragement to deepen the knowledge of the event subject matter, integration (corporate meetings), promoting sponsors and partners or other.


QR codes are placed in several/dozens points (sponsors/exhibitors/partners stand or any other visible places). The participants search QR codes and scan them using the inbuilt QR code scanner. After scanning the code, the question or the whole survey is shown. If the user answers correctly, the points are counted. This game activates the participants for visiting partners stands and particular agenda points (questions from quiz may apply to the lecture). 

Location-based game

As described above, QR codes are placed in several/dozens points, however in a wider area. The participants search for QR codes. They do it on the basis of the clues from the leader or description of the question. After scanning the code, the user sees the question in the application and at the same time the clue how to find another QR code. Scanning QR code itself may add points, that is finding the code is the award.


If you want to receive specific feedback from the participants, it is worth awarding points for answering feedback survey, lecture rating and sending general feedback.  

Sharing knowledge

The participants get points for Wall activity (posts, comments, likes). Such solution works well in the companies where HR department wants to activate employees in order to share knowledge and experiences. The employees may add posts, comment, discuss etc.

Design element

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