Lecture rating on Kongres Kadry event – case study

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Every event organizer, regardless of the industry, cares about the positive feedback and participants’ satisfaction. The mystery of a perfectly prepared and carried out event is simple. Listen, draw conclusions and implement the most effective practice. How to do that?  It's known to the people responsible for organization of the biggest meeting of HR professionals - Kongres Kadry.

Opinions are at a premium

Evaluation is an integral part of human life. We still give opinions and do it openly or keep it to ourselves. Regardless of the fact whether we share our opinion or not, we constantly and automatically evaluate. The organizers of Kongres Kadry were aware of that and decided to use that knowledge to develop the event.

Precise expectations

One of the goals of the team that prepared the congress was to get to know the participants' opinions about the particular lectures of the invited specialists and to get to know the general opinion about the congress as a whole. The organizers decided to use the function of lecture rating in the MConference mobile application.

How does the function of lecture rating work?

It can be used in a few ways. One of the options is to ask participants to rate every lecture after its end. The second option assumes the overall rating after the event. The final form of rating depends on the organizer and his expectations.

Informing participants about this option is crucial to get the right results. It can be done in a variety of ways, however, the organizers of Kongres Kadry promoted the application and its functions as below:

  • in advance on the event’s website
  • during the event in the flyer
  • on posters
  • on roll-up

In addition, the invited guests were regularly encouraged to leave the evaluation by the conference host.

The effects of actions taken

Thanks to the use of mobile application with the function of lecture rating, the organizer gathered valuable knowledge about the event. It has provided a detailed insight into the views of each participant and an opportunity to improve the areas which needed it in the future. What is more, the organizer also found out which speeches were the most popular and which form of the lecture the participants liked the most. And all of this to make the next editions of the event even better!

Keep in touch!

Do you have any additional questions about the evaluation feature of our mobile application? Do you need professional support in preparing a specific event? Contact us! We will be happy to answer all your questions and find the best solution for your event to go smoothly.

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