5 reasons why it is worth investing in the event application

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Are you planning to organize an event and wondering if it is worth investing in the professional event application? This technological solution is perfect for every event regardless of the event size and number of participants. Thanks to the event application you may streamline your event and save a lot of time. That’s why we are presenting you 5 reasons for which investing in an event application is a good idea!

Priceless knowledge

Planning an event is a time-consuming activity. As the organizer, you want the event to meet the expectations of all those who want to take part in it. To make sure that the formula of a conference, workshop or other type of event is perfectly suited to the needs of participants, it is worth doing an earlier research. And this is what the event application enables.

Thanks to it, you will gain invaluable knowledge on almost every substantive and organizational subject from all interested persons. And most importantly, you can do it before the event! A survey is a great solution in this case. Through an appropriate function, you can ask participants any questions, e.g. which speakers they want to listen to or what they want to learn.

Perfect organization

Anyone who has organized any event knows how much work and hours of constant readiness it involves. Thanks to the event application, however, it is possible to minimize and automate most of the activities. With its help you will efficiently conduct the registration process, registration for workshops or additional attractions.

Each participant who has a mobile application will be informed about all updates and possible changes.

If organized groups take part in the event, you can expand your event application to include the option to provide news to specific teams such as:

  • the agenda of the event,
  • current notifications,
  • recommended hotels,
  • materials to download,
  • contact persons,
  • chat channel.

In addition, if you are responsible for accommodation as an organizer, you can use the room matching function. All key organizational issues concentrated in one place. Can it be simpler?

Constant activation of participants

The times when conferences were events in which communication took place in only one direction are long gone. Nowadays, almost every event is based on dialogue between speakers and participants and their constant activation. And here the event application is invaluable.

Why? Technology and many years of experience in the industry allows us to create event applications developed to meet the specific needs of the organizer. If you want to effectively engage participants and guests to co-create an event, a dedicated mobile application is a must-have. Thanks to it you can introduce the function of asking questions to participants or speakers, voting for presentations or speeches, as well as quizzes.

Ongoing feedback

Why do event organizers and hosts love event applications? For the fact that they can be in constant contact with all participants! But that's not all. The information that flows to the organizers on an ongoing basis allows for possible corrections and taking specific action if the situation requires it. This minimizes crisis situations, which every organizer wants to avoid.

You know what to improve

Why is the event application MK Events a good investment? Thanks to the evaluation survey, which is sent to all participants and speakers after the event, you will find out which solutions have proved their worth and what needs to be improved. This will allow you to precisely prepare for the next event in the future and save a lot of money.

We hope that we have dispelled all doubts as to the usefulness of the event application for your event. However, if you have any additional questions, something is unclear or you want to learn more about how we work, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will develop a mobile application that will meet not only your expectations as an organizer, but also those of participants and speakers.

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